About Our School

Demographics of Gordo Elementary School
Gordo Elementary School is a public elementary school within the Pickens County School District, located in Gordo, Alabama. Our school caters to a diverse student body, consisting of approximately 525 talented young minds spanning from kindergarten to sixth grade. Supporting our students' educational journey are our dedicated team of approximately 50 exceptional faculty and staff members.

Our campus comprises distinct buildings, the Main Building, the Primary Building, the Intermediate Building, and the Media Building. Furthermore, our commitment to technological advancements is evident through the provision of three computer labs, ensuring a robust digital learning experience. Each student is bestowed with the invaluable asset of an individualized digital device, empowering them to thrive within our enriching educational environment.


History of Gordo Elementary School
Gordo school began in 1898 as a three room wood construction with an enrollment of 45 students. The two instructors were Professor Stillman Bell and J.A. Monroe, who also served as Principal. A two story brick building was constructed in 1911 which served as both elementary and high school. In 1936, a separate elementary building was constructed for grades 1-6. This building continues to house the main offices and upper elementary classrooms.
In 1984, a two story brick building containing ten classrooms was built to house kindergarten and first grades. At this same time the Graham House was purchased and remodeled for use as the school library. In 1996, another two story brick building was built to accommodate the ever increasing enrollment. This building known as the intermediate building contains twelve classrooms for second and third grades, as well as a speech classroom, an EL classroom, a reading interventionist classroom, and a gifted education classroom. In 1997, the Herman Hickman family donated their home and a separate storage house at 515 Third Street N.W. to the school. These buildings, known as the White House and Little White House respectively, were used as the Title I computer lab and music classroom. After many years of use, these buildings were removed in the summer of 2022. Our Media Building, another two story building was added in the fall of 2007. The top floor houses our library, two Title I computer labs, and our reading coach's classroom.  The lower floor contains fourth grade classrooms along with two special education classrooms.